At akkanto, we achieve measurable results by designing tailored communication strategies to meet the client's objectives. From the first meeting to the implementation of a programme, we work closely with our clients using proven communication methodologies and flexible resources. 

Our chief asset is our people. akkanto has handpicked a versatile and dynamic team of specialists, each with proven expertise in one or more critical areas of communication. All are consummate professionals, with multifaceted talents and interests.  

akkanto is a close-knit team of individuals from diverse and multicultural backgrounds each with a strong sense of social commitment, cultural engagement and personal vision.

Together, we believe each contributes to making akkanto greater than the sum of its parts. The hallmarks of our team are professionalism, strategic thinking and a constant drive to help clients find effective and innovative solutions.

There are 3 main akkanto values:

Excellence, Respect and Optimism