In case of crisis

Some of the crises we see today could not have been imagined a few years ago – both in their complexity and the speed with which they occur. More than ever, crisis preparedness and crisis management are necessary to preserve and protect an organisation's reputation, brand equity and market share, as well as the confidence of customers, employees and shareholders.

Crisis communications is all about focusing on the crisis at hand while allowing for ‘business as usual’ in areas not affected by crisis. akkanto has deep experience of partnering with clients where time and resources are under huge pressure and doing – and saying ─ the right thing demands a cool head and an outside perspective.


hotline Our crisis hotline is operational 24/7
at +32 2 610 10 00


If you cannot reach the crisis hotline, you can also call our managing partner directly on his mobiles:


Thierry Bouckaert
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 475 22 22 00 


Crisis Diagnostic Tool

The Crisis Diagnostic Tool assesses the collective crisis preparedness of an organisation based on an online questionnaire of 10 to 20 senior key functions. It focuses on crisis structures, procedures, crisis team competencies, crisis instruments, pre- and post-crisis project management and the ability to engage with relevant stakeholders.

Crisis manuals

akkanto reviews existing manuals or develops them from scratch, ensuring that they are user-friendly (digital) tools with proper structure, decision flows and easy-to-use templates.

Crisis call takers workshop

Interactive training to teach frontline crisis personnel (dispatch services, communication assistants and receptionists) to take crisis calls from media and other external stakeholders according to a 6-step approach.

Mobilisation exercise

This exercise assesses the physical availability and knowledge level of crisis procedures among key crisis personnel and often includes the testing of telephone cascade systems and back-up roles.

Walk-through exercise

Gathering crisis personnel in a room to take them through procedures using crisis scenarios. The aim is to familiarise personnel with crisis procedures and to identify documentation errors, missing information and inconsistencies in crisis toolkits.

Desktop exercise

Providing the possibility to crisis teams to test in a simulated environment their analytical, delivery, interpersonal skills while being confronted with a crisis scenario without the actual activation of procedures.

Operational simulation exercise

An operational simulation exercise is the most powerful tool in the crisis exercise programme. It focuses the mindset of a crisis team, enables them to explore options and test the implementation of communication plans. It involves detailed preparation of scripts with sophisticated role-playing and assessment of individual functional and technical skills.

Crisis handling

Advising and assisting crisis teams with the actual handling of a crisis. This includes prioritisation of actions, drafting of messages and statements, spokesperson training, launch of crisis dark sites, monitoring of online and offline coverage and social media conversation management.


RepTrak® Risk

This Reputation Institute’s proprietary tool is an online decision support tool that helps organisations evaluate intangible risks in real time. It provides a common cross-organisational framework for prioritising and mitigating risks as well as a standardized approach to risk reporting. Read more…

Contact persons

Thierry Bouckaert 
Managing Partner
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Julien Radart
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Strategies in action

akkanto is happy to provide you with case studies tailored to your needs.