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A Sustainable Narrative for the Future

On October 18th 2016, akkanto signed the Belgian SDG Charter on the role of the private sector, civil society and the public sector in international development, also known as the Belgian SDG Charter.

Beyond words

This is a critical moment in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals in Belgium and abroad. It is a step forward in tackling global challenges through partnerships. It is clear that beyond inspired words, we must now move to action. This necessitates a critical reflection of what companies and organisations are doing to embed the SDGs into their own core business, but also requires collaboration between actors. We must change the boundaries of what this collaboration means. The recognition that doing good is the ultimate value creator, and that good business is key not simply because it is politically correct, or merely because it boosts a public affairs strategy, but because it is the only path to sustainable corporate growth. 

akkanto’s commitments

As akkanto, we aspire to be a part of a movement for a better future. It is for this reason that we have signed the Belgian SDG Charter and plan to take this– and the commitments to which we are signatory – seriously. The coming months will be a period of critical reflection within our organisation. How can we take the engagements we are signing off on and apply them to our business practices? What are akkanto’s priorities for making our world more sustainable for everyone and everywhere, so as to build a better world within the next 15 years, but even tomorrow, and better yet today?

A common narrative

As strategic communicators, we constantly ask ourselves in all our work - what is the compelling narrative? Are the Sustainable Development Goals too far removed from our day to day lives? Who can actually explain all 17 Goals and how are they relevant to us? Perhaps this reflection can be one of the elements of added value our sector can have in the advocacy and mobilization tracks in communicating the SDGs to all stakeholders involved. What is Belgium’s sustainable development narrative? What are the new, powerful and compelling stories which will speak to people’s culture and identity? Let this Charter provide the space and the place to shape that conversation, together with our peers, for a brighter future for all.


Julie Bleeker

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