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7 key ingredients for a successful sustainable culture change

You may recognise this. We all know that one colleague with whom we easily connect and have a chat. The one always prepared to help and advise others. That one colleague who always knows another colleague in a department nearby, and another one on the top floor. That one colleague in whom, for some reason or another, you feel you can put your trust. It is usually someone who exhibits positive behaviours, the type of behaviour you’d really like to see across the entire organization.

What if I tell you that these people form the basis of your company, and that they can drive the change you would like to bring about? With the right coaching and support of their managers, these employees can initiate a sustainable change in your company culture.

Check out this animation video to find out how this works exactly, and jump into the wonders of ‘Behaviour change’.


In short, these are the 7 ingredients for a sustainable culture change:

  1. Translate your vision or strategy into an inspiring and convincing story that is understandable at every level of the organisation
  2. Support your middle-management throughout the entire trajectory
  3. Identify your ambassadors carefully and offer the appropriate support
  4. Establish a platform that enables regular contact and sharing of best practices
  5. Tailor your campaigns to your employees
  6. Measure your efforts to better align your internal communication activities to the needs of your colleagues
  7. Be patient!


Do you feel like meeting other organisations that have gone through a culture change through Behaviour Change? Register for our inspiration session taking place on 19 May (from 12h00 – 14h30) in Brussels. Guest speakers Kaatje Caignie and Grégory Dreessen will be sharing their experiences at Borealis and Binani 3B respectively. They will tell us how they managed to put together their ambassador’s network and what they did to involve their managers in a sustainable change in their company culture.

For more information or to register, click here.


Emily Vandendael & Evi Claeys

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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