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Social media is not about “just being present because others are” or having a Facebook fan page because it is trendy.

Social media is about communication and, even more, conversation. It is about corporate reputation management, environment scanning, PR support, employer branding and recruitment, consumer care, marketing and business.

It is crucial to be aware of the how, who, where and when of social media. akkanto translates these needs into a roadmap, divided into four phases and several products.



Intake questionnaire report

The intake questionnaire provides us with the opportunity to draft a report on the current social media status and needs. akkanto conducts an evaluation to select the correct monitoring tool, which will form the basis of all your future social media activities.

Benchmarking report

Are you an innovator or a laggard in digital communication? Our benchmarking report provides you with necessary insights into your positioning in your sector, compared to your competitors.

Monitoring tools report

Based on the intake report, three tools are compared in order to select the most appropriate solution to suit your requirements.

Social media strategy

A definition of the objectives, the action plan, the KPI’s and the budget strategy, based on thorough research whereby we will define the as-is social media presence. This research will be done by selecting a relevant reputation monitoring tool, by doing a keyword search and by monitoring over a 3 months period.

Internal social media policy

How will your company deal with social media internally? How can employees be involved in conversation via social media and how can social media platforms be activated by this involvement?

External social media policy

What are the guidelines when using social media to start the conversation externally? What can be communicated and how should this be done?

Implementation of social media platforms

Based on what you need we will make sure you can get started with social media by setting up your desired social media platform: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media platform.

Identification and training of social media team

A social media strategy is successful only if a conversation manager or social media team supports it. In line with the structure of the company, we will define and train a social media team.

Basic social media training

A general overview of the why and what of social media.

Specific social media training

Learn to use a specific social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Social media content plan

What are you going to communicate and talk about and when will you be saying what? We will develop a long term social media content plan.

Activation of social media platforms

Once your platforms have been implemented, you will need to activate them. We will develop a creative concept to activate your platforms and draft a social media advertising plan to ensure that your platforms are followed and populated.

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Strategies in action

akkanto is happy to provide you with case studies tailored to your needs.

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