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Working with akkanto and using the RepTrak® methodology can help you measure and manage your reputation amongst your key stakeholders.


akkanto has teamed up with the Reputation Institute, the world’s leading reputation consulting firm devoted to advancing knowledge about corporate reputations and providing professional assistance to companies interested in measuring and managing their reputation proactively.

As the Belgian Associate of the Reputation Institute, we have access to a depth of knowledge and insight on reputation measurement and management spanning 30 countries and 24 key industries. akkanto offers a unique and comprehensive approach while using the scientifically based and standardized RepTrak® methodology.

Utilising akkanto’s sophisticated advisory services and stakeholder expertise, we support every phase of the reputation journey, starting from the vision, through stakeholder mapping, auditing and strategy development to execution.

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This Reputation Institute's proprietary tool is a standardized approach to measuring corporate reputation. It tracks 23 performance indicators around seven dimensions of reputation and determines six types of supportive behaviours from an organisation's stakeholders. RepTrak® is designed to adapt to a company's specific situation and stakeholders. Read more...

Workplace RepTrak®

This Reputation Institute's proprietary tool tracks and measures how you are perceived as an employer across multiple stakeholders, while identifying the drivers influencing perceptions and workforce behaviors. Read more...

RepTrak® Alignment Monitor

This Reputation Institute’s proprietary tool tracks progress towards higher levels of employee alignment with an organisation’s strategy. It assesses the degree of supportive behavior among key audiences, rooted in awareness, and understanding of a firm’s strategic intents. Read more...

Media RepTrak®

This Reputation Institute’s proprietary tool assesses the impact of media coverage on an organisation’s reputation, examining whether and how it contributes to the build-up or breakdown of reputation. Read more...

RepTrak® Risk

This Reputation Institute’s proprietary tool is an online decision support tool that helps organisations evaluate intangible risks in real time. It provides a common cross-organisational framework for prioritising and mitigating risks as well as a standardized approach to risk reporting. Read more…

Country RepTrak®

Reputation Institute uses the CountryRep® model to measure perceptions of a country or region among priority stakeholders to gauge the overall reputation, determine drivers of reputation, measure performance on each dimension of reputation and determine priorities for reputation-based branding and communications. Read more…

City RepTrak®

The CityRepTrak® is a study which takes Reputation Institute's proven corporate reputation model a step further to assess the reputation of a city with stakeholders. Insights generated through the City RepTrak® study provide the first steps in developing a strong city reputation. Read more…

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