Reorganisations can have major consequences on an organisation's reputation and can severely harm its future development. When staff, suppliers, consumers, the authorities and the media lose confidence in a company, a restructuring programme can turn into a real nightmare.

akkanto can help you to minimise the consequences which a reorganisation can have on your organisation's reputation.
Relying on years of experience in supporting restructuring programmes, akkanto has developed a specific approach in order to support you as effectively as possible.

In this specific field of communication, we offer the following services:

  • Preparing the announcement and communication during the different consultation and negotiation phases.
  • Controlling key messages and the company's communication with all stakeholders (the general public, customers, suppliers, consumers, trade unions, staff, middle management, etc.)


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Strategy and planning

Developing a communication strategy and plan in line with the company's vision and the legal obligations required for a reorganisation.


Defining the key messages and a scenario which will make the announcement understandable, credible and convincing for the different stakeholders.


Identifying and classifying the actors involved in the matter in order of priority. These actors could potentially become involved in the discussions (for example through the media) and influence the organisation's negotiations and reputation in a positive or negative way.

Together with you, we define the best way to communicate to the different target audiences. Experience has taught us that if you inform your targets about decisions and justifications transparently, they will be less inclined to act on impulse and react to partial and incomplete information (for example from media or trade union sources).


Throughout the duration of the restructuring, akkanto continuously monitors the news and advises you on the strategy to adopt in order to control the issue and how stakeholders perceive the company. Thanks to a variety of information technology tools, we follow a wide range of media: daily and periodical press, electronic media, dispatches from Belga press agency, social media, governments, trade unions, etc.


As well as offering ad-hoc advice, we also have several training modules aimed at company executives and the company spokesperson for the reorganisation. These modules include training on the media, presentation skills and preparing a staff meeting. Moreover, the experienced Public Affairs team - including former advisers of ministerial cabinets and parties - prepare and advise you on dialogue with the political decision-makers who have an influence on the result of the reorganisation.


In parallel to actual strategic advice (briefly described below), akkanto also offers a wide range of executive and operational services. These deliverables include the following:

  • Drafting and layout of PowerPoint presentations to prepare for (Extraordinary) Works Councils
  • Standby statement: the essential declaration to respond to any leaks and rumours
  • Drafting key messages to form the basis of all communication
  • Reverse planning including a to do list and allocation of tasks
  • Press releases and press briefings
  • Press lists
  • Postal mail and/or e-mails to send to staff
  • Q&As for internal use
  • Consolidating various responses aimed at answering the different questions from labour and management
  • Mapping contact persons with all their contact details


Strategies in action

Due to the confidential nature of many of our assignments, we will share our experience on request.


Contact persons

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Managing Partner
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Senior Consultant
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In case of crisis

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