Public speaking


No particular fan of public speaking? Familiar with reading out PowerPoint presentations in front of a disinterested audience? Envious of strong presenters showing their passion and expertise for their topic? Whether you’re a busy corporate professional, or committed to building a successful business, exceptional presentation skills are critical!

The topics in this training include:

  • Overcome your fear and transform anxiety into enthusiasm
  • Make a solid first impression
  • Open and close your presentation in a powerful way
  • Put your ideas across in an effective and engaging way
  • Be credible, clear and convincing in every situation

Video recording and playback will be used to enable you to see and hear yourself in action.

Our training programme contains a good mix of theory and practical exercises that focus on getting comfortable and confident in engaging your audience. It’s all about getting your messages across and leaving a lasting impression.

Our akkanto trainers are seasoned communication professionals with long-standing experience in training different audiences ranging from senior management and middle-management to young professionals.

Workshop details:

Timing: half day - Friday 15 September 9:30 – 13.30
Location: akkanto’s offices - Chaussée de la Hulpe 189, 1170 Brussels
Workshop fee: 800 EUR exc. VAT *

* Early Bird Summer Discount (before 31st of August): -30% = 560 EUR excl. VAT

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