Consumers /Citizens

The voice of consumers and citizens grows louder every day. Their influence is felt from business and politics through to human rights, environmental and social issues. Using the power of social media, they create global dialogues and force change on governments, companies or products in a matter of days.

A successful organisation today needs a ‘licence to operate” not only from its local community, board of directors and shareholders, but also from society at large. It must meet expectations from a range of public stakeholders regarding the role it plays in areas previously seen as the responsibilities of the state. To do this, organisations need strong corporate governance and a communication approach that is agile, transparent and open to dialogue.

Effective issues communications with consumers/citizens is also essential to any organisation committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Strategy development

Through interactive sessions, akkanto helps organisations develop communication strategies that address the corporate strategic objectives and the concerns and needs of employees and create buy-in among employees for the company's strategy.

Stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder mapping allows an organisation to tailor its messages and to address the specific needs of each relevant stakeholder group, whether ally or opponent. Through interactive sessions, akkanto conducts a full analysis and helps you prioritise stakeholders and their views according to a number of attributes.

Engaging in the conversation

Being able to advocate a point of view in traditional media or participate in an online discussion are now essential strategies to reaching consumer/citizens directly or indirectly and to influencing the public debate. akkanto helps clients produce content and advises on how to engage and optimise their share of voice.



This Reputation Institute's proprietary tool is a standardized approach to measuring corporate reputation. It tracks 23 performance indicators around seven dimensions of reputation and determines six types of supportive behaviours from an organisation's stakeholders. RepTrak® is designed to adapt to a company's specific situation and stakeholders. Read more...

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Strategies in action

akkanto is happy to provide you with case studies tailored to your needs.

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