Employee communications can have a variety of objectives: informing employees, increasing employees’ awareness and understanding about a company initiative, adjusting or changing employees’ opinions and attitudes towards a company initiative and/or instilling behaviours consistent with the strategic objectives of a company.

akkanto runs communication programmes that can respond to each single objective or a combination of them. Every objective has its own merits but it is clear that employee communication programs that aim for behavioural effect are the more sophisticated and add the greatest value to an organization.

akkanto Behavior Change

Behaviour change?
What do you mean?


Strategy development

Through interactive sessions, akkanto helps organisations develop communication strategies that address the corporate strategic objectives and the concerns and needs of employees and create buy-in among employees for the company's strategy.

Behaviour change

Change projects can only have a long-lasting impact if, alongside informative top-down campaigns, one focuses on desired behaviours. Our approach is based on defining the desired culture, transforming this culture into behavioural building blocks, identifying a small group of well-connected employees within an organisation that reflect these behaviours, providing instruments to spread new behaviours within an organisation and finally see the emergence of a new cultural norm.

Visualisation and storytelling

In a case study led by akkanto, 73% of employees revealed that visuals help them understand their corporate strategy. By combining visualisation and storytelling techniques, akkanto ensures that managers communicate more efficiently with their employees.

Audit of internal communication

akkanto helps managers shape the future of their internal communication department by analysing the way it currently functions set against the future needs of its customers. The audit guarantees a more efficient allocation of resources together with a better alignment of services to customers' needs.


Workplace RepTrak®

This Reputation Institute's proprietary tool tracks and measures how you are perceived as an employer across multiple stakeholders, while identifying the drivers influencing perceptions and workforce behaviors. Read more...

Internal communication dashboard

A strategic tool to demonstrate the value of an internal communication department to management, the dashboard evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of communication initiatives.

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Strategies in action

akkanto is happy to provide you with case studies tailored to your needs.

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