Organisational change

At akkanto, we help organizations facilitating change. We firmly believe that change can only be long lasting if new behaviours are encouraged that align with the company’s strategic objectives:

  • Ensure that employees understand the importance of the strategy and remain informed on the progress made, celebrate successes, and make them see their individual contribution in the realization of the strategy.
  • Promote a team that is inspired and energized to participate in the realization of the strategy and objectives
  • Provide a framework in which employees feel empowered and open to challenge the status quo
  • Support leadership to provide direction and drive initiative and creativity
  • Create a continued sense of pride and belonging
  • Facilitate a change in mindset, by using ambassadors throughout the organization (peer-to-peer influencing)

What we can support you with:

  1. Situational analysis
  2. Corporate storytelling
  3. Definition of desired behaviours
  4. Selection of ambassadors
  5. Management of change program
  6. Ad hoc advice

akkanto Behavior Change

Contact persons

Thierry Bouckaert
Managing Partner
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In case of crisis

hotline Our crisis hotline is operational 24/7
at +32 2 610 10 00