Policymakers & opinion leaders

Developments at national, European and International levels take place every day that impact organisations, their employees, products and customers. A relationship of credibility and trust with the political world and opinion leaders is the foundation of effective issues and reputation management.

Understanding how government works and ensuring that your organisation advocates its views at the right time towards the right people is critical. This can range from timely interventions in the policy-making process and political agenda to long-term relationship building.

Opinion leaders are message amplifiers. As companies are held to ever higher standards by society, opinions of those we trust and respect become more critical to where we want to work, what we will purchase, what we will believe about an organisation. Opinion leaders are people whose points of view influence the individual consumer/citizen as well as official decision makers. They can range from being in policy, finance and academia, organised by advocacy group, alliance or industry association, to the local doctor, teacher, businessman or woman.

Managing communications with such a diverse group is part of an integrated approach and requires clear messages, accurate mapping of how key stakeholders interact and strong advocacy skills.


Strategy development

Through interactive sessions, akkanto helps organisations develop communication strategies that address the corporate strategic objectives and the concerns and needs of employees and create buy-in among employees for the company's strategy.

Position papers

To be heard by policy makers, position papers must be detailed but also concise. They should clearly explain or justify a certain course of action.  akkanto’s  public affairs professionals advise clients on building a case that will achieve results.  These papers can also have the added value of supporting internal communications.

Political mapping

Political mapping identifies, segments and analyses political decision makers with regard to a specific client issue or policy concern. Techniques assess the relative power and position of policymakers, including their online influence, to see how communications might create a shift in attitude or behaviour.

Political monitoring

Every organisation operates within its own unique political context. Political monitoring is tailor- made and designed to help clients understand the political environment in which they operate. akkanto also provides early warning systems for crisis situations and on-going critical issues.

Training & coaching

Delivering your message to an audience might seem easy and straightforward. However many executives consider public speaking a terrifying experience. akkanto tailors its coaching and training to individual clients and their communication objectives.


Political stakeholder audits

akkanto’s political stakeholder audits assess the knowledge, perceptions and expectations of policymakers on issues of concern to clients. The results serve as a benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness of a public affairs strategy and provide insights when realignment of messages is needed.  

Political outcome tracking

Did we obtain the meeting with the relevant Member of Parliament, Cabinet Member or Minister? Was the issue raised in a parliamentary question? Was our voice heard? Did we obtain the licence? Were we successful in mitigating legislation? These, in the final analysis, are the true measures of success.

Frame analysis

A frame analysis allows us to identify the existing frames employed by policymakers in addressing an issue and to measure how those frames gain or lose prominence in the public debate over time

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Strategies in action

akkanto is happy to provide you with case studies tailored to your needs.

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